Pigeons On L’Edge

This show is for anyone who has ever had a useless boss or a demanding customer, anyone who’s ever been pushed to the edge by the 9-5, the 6-4 or the 2-11, anyone who just who needs a good laugh after a crap day at work. Pigeons on L’edge is a comedic birds eye view into the world of retail. Ignored, abused and unsupported – what happens when ordinary people go flying off the ledge into insanity?

If that sounds like your thing the show is in the Vaults Festival between 11-15 March 2020, read more and book your tickets here.

Not much more to add myself apart from thank you very much Gabrielle and Millie for getting me involved! I’m looking forward to seeing it all come to life.

UPDATE – the pigeons are running a Kickstarter. Head over there before 20 December to help them out.